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How Two Circles Used A New Client Portal To Increase Market Share

Two Circles


Two Circles


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About Two Circles

Two Circles are a marketing agency that uses data to:

Their clients are the biggest names in sports clubs and venues, from jockey clubs to football stadiums and from the PGA to Formula One, as well as many rugby and football clubs.

Their service lets venues and sports clubs outsource their marketing and engagement with their fans using deep and intuitive tools that let them analyse and engage with vital metrics.


The Goal: Grow to the next level

Two Circles wanted to grow its brand and market share. To do that, they needed an edge that would make an impact on clients and give them a unique brand positioning.

Before working with The Data Crew, fulfilling their clients’ data demands was a slow, cumbersome and manual task. Their customers would ask for data points. They’d have to accommodate using manual data from the client, manual formatting, and older embedding technology.

All this was done in Microsoft Excel, Office, and Power BI. It was complex and time-consuming and wasn’t scalable.

Unfortunately, it was giving a low-value impression to their clients, and they feared they could be at risk of falling behind in the market.

Two Circles knew they needed to create a new data solution that revolved around a fully designed portal where clients could log in and see detailed visual reports on things like:

It needed to look professional, with a branded Two Circles portal that allowed them to onboard clients with fully customisable reports and dashboards that would blow them away.

They’d already worked with a design service to prepare creatives. These would give them the brand power to make an impact in the market. Now they needed to bring all the pieces of the puzzle together into a scalable data environment with full customisation.


The Challenge

This was a huge undertaking of enormous complexity, with nothing available “out of the box”. The solution had to run on Power BI but not look like Power BI. It had to be a branded extension of the Two Circles interface. They needed specialist skills to combine:

They’d need to custom-build things like:

They’d need different types of stats depending on the type of data, like:

Their legacy provider had exhausted their technical knowledge and couldn’t integrate their branded design into a new client portal that met the criteria.


The Data Crew

Two Circles found The Data Crew on LinkedIn whilst looking for a Power BI house. But they realised we could bring all the pieces together once they saw that we understood their more complex needs around embedded technology, custom-designed visuals and how to integrate them with Power BI. After they understood that we had the experience, knowledge and contacts to build the right team, they engaged us to build the portal and provide ongoing fractional support.


The Project

The build was very technical. We had to get Power BI to work inside Umbraco to create the layout and functionality Two Circles needed, which involved a lot of custom code.

We delivered a brand new user interface with over 20 different types of visuals and feature sets specifically developed to impress their customers and prospects.

It involved customisable compositions, search criteria, filters and stats. We created a powerful segmentation tool that would dynamically query datasets underneath Power BI to drive clients’ marketing efforts.


Outcomes: Market Domination

This ability to provide deep insights via a stunning digital dashboard has made Two Circles a dominant market leader.

When onboarding a new client, the team sits down with them and helps them build custom dashboards to see any of their business metrics & KPIs the way they’d like to see them.

Their clients can now define a search with detailed parameters through the segmentation tool by visually creating an audience segmentation query and then exporting it for a mailing list or specific marketing material. Whether on a demo call or onboarding session, clients and prospects are blown away.


Next Steps

Two Circles are delighted with its new asset for closing new clients and growing its business. They have big plans but don’t need a full-time team of developers meaning they get great value from the Fractional Support package we offer. They save around £200k a year on payroll by not employing:

Whenever they need extra features or support, they talk to us.

In the future, we’ll be moving the portal into a mobile environment so Two Circles’ clients can access the portal while on the move.

Would you like to discuss your data strategy, goals and challenges with The Data Crew? Just click below and arrange a call. We’ll book a session with a dedicated expert to do an initial consultation and uncover your data needs.