About Us

A modern data consultancy, with heritage.

Our team have been spinning data solutions for decades. We mix the traditional & industry wide recognised methodologies such as Inmon, Kimball, Data Vault & apply them into a modern BI & Analytics landscape.

We are passionate about data, your data, and making that data work hard for you.

With technology becoming ever more complex and volumes of data increasing rapidly, you need someone in your corner to help you navigate through the dizzying array of solutions available to businesses today.

In short, you need to be agile and able to adapt to the ever-changing data landscape.

That’s where we come in.

With decades of experience and deep technology knowledge, we will work with you to find the right solution at the right price for your unique business needs.

Our team are experts in their fields and are up to date with all the latest developments in big data, BI and of course, technology.

We give you peace of mind and the time to work on your business, not on your business data.

Our Story


We may be a relatively young company, but our team has decades of experience born out of creating innovative solutions for businesses. All this knowledge allows us to give you the best advice possible.

Our consultants and support engineers work with the latest in open source, Microsoft Database and Analytics Technologies daily. They are the ideal team to support you through your data analysis journey from start to finish.


As a growing business ourselves, we how important it is to trust your supplier and partners. We are aware of how important it is for us to understand intimately how your business works

Our ethos has and always will be to provide you with the best possible solution for your individual business needs.

All businesses, regardless of size, can utilise Business Intelligence tools to provide insight into their organisation.


We add our experience to each customer project, working with you to understand your business, your process and your needs. Only after we have taken this all into consideration, will we look to providing a solution to your data & cloud infrastructure requirements.

We’re not ones to brag about our qualifications, as certification requirements can change quickly in the technology world. However, we are all highly qualified and are continuously developing our skills in line with the latest technology changes.

Our qualifications, coupled with our deep understanding of Data Warehousing, BI, AI and Database Technology, gives us the experience your business needs.


Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are some of the most exciting & fastest moving industries around today. These powerful technologies are becoming more and more integrated into the BI world. Allowing for more accurate predictions and enable you to make ever more informed decisions around in and around your business.

We have a particular interest in Machine Learning and AI, making sure that you’re at the forefront of technological advances that give your business a competitive edge keeping you relevant and up to date at all times.

Our Crew & Associates

Toby Riley

CEO & Founder

Data Analytics & BI, Azure Cloud & Data Platform Architect  & Data Engineering

Power BI, DAX, Python, Spark, Databricks C#, .NET


Edward Cowell

Data Engineering & Power BI

Microsoft Certified: Power BI Data Analyst Associate, Azure, SQL Server, Databricks, Data Architecture, Data Engineering


Shahid Hafiz

Senior Development Engineer

C#, .NET, Certified Umbraco Professional, CMS Systems, Data Engineering


Lewis Holmes

Associate Senior BI Consultant

MCSA Certified Business Intelligence Professional, Azure, SQL Server, Redshift, Power BI, Data Architecture, Data Engineering


Garric Mathias

Full Stack Developer, Java, Typescript
Data Visualisations in d3, SQL Server, studying Data Engineering, Machine Learning & AI

Priya Rameshkumar

AI & ML Data Science

Master’s degree in Nuclear Physics and MSc in Data Science. Specialising in Statistics, Mathematics, Machine Learning & Data Science. R, Python, Pandas, Matplotlib, Seaborn


Paul Greenbank

Senior Business Intelligence Developer
Business Intelligence & Analytics, Azure Cloud, Power BI, DAX, SQL Server, Oracle RDBMS, Data Engineering

Ben Walsh

Enterprise Data Architect

Enterprise Data Architect, BI & Analytics Consultant, Azure Cloud, Power BI, DAX, SQL Server, Oracle RDBMS, Data Engineering


Lee Hawthorn

Business Intelligence Consultant

Data Analytics Consultant, Azure Cloud, Power BI, DAX, Data Engineering


Andrew Tingey

Enterprise Cloud Solution Architect
AWS, Google Cloud & Azure Cloud Architect, CISCO, SDWAN, WAN, LAN, CISCO ACE. Converged & Hybrid Cloud Expert

Thomas Neil

Business Intelligence Consultant
Business Intelligence & Analytics Consultant, Azure Cloud, Power BI, DAX, SQL Server, Data Engineering