Power BI, Business Intelligence & Data Analytics. Helping you provide analytics solutions with BI technologies such as Power BI, Tableau, Analysis Services & Azure Synapse Analytics Read More

Data Warehousing & Data Modelling Which do you choose?
Kimball, Inmon, DataVault or a combination. We can help you implement the right data architecture & strategy for your business and enable you to develop your Data Warehouse using agile methodologies.
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Integrations Services, Azure Data Factory, ETL Automation & BIML Experts Reduce complexity, standardise & automate, Find how we shave 80% off your ETL / ELT workload. Read More

Protect Sensitive Data Prove Compliance for GDPR, HIPAA & SOX Discover, Classify, Protect & Monitor your SQL database with innovative data privacy and monitoring products from Redgate. Read More

Measure, Analyse & Improve Performance Discover, Classify, Protect & Monitor your SQL database with innovative data privacy and monitoring products from Redgate. Read More

Support Services & Consulting Let us quickly solve issues that are slowing down your reports or slowing down the development of your analytics solution in Power BI, Power Pivot, or Analysis Services. Read More

Master Data & Data Quality Services Manage your organisation's Master Data. You can organize the data into models, create rules for updating the data, and control who updates the data. Share the master data set with other people in your organization & integrate it into business application systems. Read More

We are a Data Analytics Consultancy specialising Microsoft’s Business Intelligence Platform

Azure, SQL, Synapse, Data Factory & Power BI, AI & Machine Learning, IoT & Streaming Analytics

Based in the UK with UK professionals working on your projects. We design, build and deliver business intelligence & data analytics solutions that provide actionable insights into your business.

Our Services


Business Intelligence as a Service

End-to-end BIaaS (Business Intelligence as a Service) built on Azure using the Microsoft BI Platform & Power BI.

Power BI & Analytics

We are a Microsoft Power BI Partner, as a result we are well placed to help you organise & present you data intuitively. Need any help with Data Models, Predictive Models & Power BI?

Data Warehouse

We can set your strategy and help you implement your Data Warehouse using innovative automation technology.

Data Engineering & Integration

Loading your operational data to a Data Warehouse or Analytics platform.

Database Security & Governance

Protect and secure database or database management software from illegitimate use and malicious threats and attacks.

Consulting & Support

Design, Implementation, Support & Monitoring of your data platform environment. Quickly solve issues that are slowing you down.

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9 November 2021

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