Power BI, Business
Intelligence & Data Analytics.

Helping you deliver business analytics solutions
with technologies such as Power BI, Tableau,
Databricks & Azure Synapse Analytics

We design, build and deliver cutting-edge data products & data analytics solutions. Built on the Microsoft Azure Data Platform using Databricks, Azure Synapse, Data Science Machine Learning, Streaming Analytics + Power BI.

Based in the UK with UK professionals working on your projects. We design, build and deliver business intelligence & data analytics solutions that provide actionable insights into your business.

Our Services


Data Analytics as a Service

End-to-end implementation to support, built on Azure using the Microsoft Data Analytics Platform & Power BI.


Power BI & Analytics

We are a Microsoft Power BI Partner, as a result, we are well-placed to help you organise & present your data intuitively. Need any help with Data Models, Predictive Models & Power BI?


Data Engineering & Integration

Loading your operational data to a Data Warehouse, Data Lake, Lakehouse or Analytics platform.


Data Warehouse

We can set your strategy and help you implement your Data Warehouse using innovative automation technology.

The data analytics space is changing, driven by Big Data technologies that are making their way into the long tail of analytics. Find out how.


Consulting & Support

Design, Implementation, Support & Monitoring of your data platform environment. Quickly solve issues that are slowing you down.

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