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Power BI brings
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Most businesses, of all sizes, will have disparate sets of data. Often from legacy systems, or stored in spreadsheets, not all of which will integrate. Meaning you are often relying on several sources for the simplest of business information

So how do you get the detail that you need to make your business decisions?

Power BI puts all your data at your fingertips in a way that is easy to navigate, easy to use and importantly, an easy to understand products suite, entirely scalable to your size of business.

By connecting all your data, you get a 360 view of all your important business metrics, ultimately allowing you to be more proactive in your business.

Power BI family of Software & Services

Power BI Desktop

Power BI Desktop is an easy to use desktop application for designing & publishing interactive reports & dashboards.

Power BI Mobile

Power BI Mobile is a mobile application for Windows, iOS and Android devices where you view reports from the Power Bi Service

Power BI Embedded

Power BI Embedded is an OEM turnkey solution that allows you to integrate Power BI into your applications or services

Power BI Pro

Power BI Pro is an online cloud service where reports can be published for others to view/consume.

Power BI Premium

Power BI Premium is a Full-featured high-performance cloud-based Analytics Platform including integrated Big Data Features and Machine Learning / AI capabilities, advanced subscriptions and tabular reporting.

Analytics in Azure is up to 14x faster and costs 94% less than other cloud providers. Why go anywhere else?

Julia White

Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Azure

A complete suite of Business Analytics software

Together these five applications & services give you the power to create and share the business insights that are important to you and your business.

But it does not stop there; Power BI can also allow you to model different scenarios, all with compelling visual representations which make the information within them come alive.

For example, use Power BI to integrate the information from your accounts, to that of your Google Analytics data and marketing output to see which campaigns generated the most revenue.

If you are an Enterprise SQL Server customer with Software Assurance, you can leverage the on-premise Power BI Report Server. It allows you to publish Power BI Reports internally and integrate them using the powerful reporting capability of MS SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS). You can create beautiful reports that perfectly fit your business needs.

If you need a greater level of insight at a greater scale, then the Microsoft Business Intelligence Platform with Power BI is the next generation Analytics Platform.

By combining the robust Business Intelligence capabilities of

you can transform your complex cross-platform business data into business insights and share across your organisation no matter how large or small your organisation is. All this while leveraging the scalability which comes with cloud services.

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