Azure Data Platform

Data Landing Zones

Provide scalability and security by organising your data environments into Landing Zones

Data Landing Zone Architecture

Data landing zone architecture illustrates the layers, their resource groups, and the services each resource group contains. The architecture also provides an overview of all groups and roles associated with your data landing zone, plus the extent of their access to your control and data planes.

We use this architecture as a starting point and modify it to fit your specific business and technical requirements when planning your data landing zone implementation.

Enterprise Landing Zone Architecture

For many organizations, the Azure landing zone conceptual architecture below represents the destination in their cloud adoption journey. It’s a mature, scaled-out target architecture intended to help organizations operate successful cloud environments that drive their business while maintaining best practices for security and governance.

This conceptual architecture represents scale and maturity decisions based on lessons learned and feedback from customers who have adopted Azure as part of their digital estate.

While your specific implementation might vary, as a result of specific business decisions or existing investments in tools that need to persist in your cloud environment, this conceptual architecture will help set a direction for your organisation’s overall approach to designing and implementing a landing zone.

Use this architecture as a starting point. 

How we can help


We can build and deliver your Data Landing Zone on Azure whether you need multiple environments (DEV, TEST, PROD) or a fully secured implementation. We can help.

Exsisting Azure Implementation

We can build and deliver your Data Landing Zone on Azure even if you already have an existing Subscription or help you re-engineer ready for a new data project.

Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

We deploy Enterprise Landing Zones and Data Landing Zones using Infrastructure as Code. 

Using ARM templates, BICEP or Terraform, we can deploy your Azure resources from code using best practices, and we give you a copy!