Business Intelligence as a Service

Fully Managed Business Intelligence & Data Analytics as a Service.

End-to-end BIaaS (Business Intelligence as a Service) built on Azure using the Microsoft BI Platform & Power BI.

Business Intelligence
as a Service with Microsoft Azure

With BI as a Service(BIaaS), we’ll help you convert your data into actionable intelligence so you can extract powerful insights and make better business decisions.

We offer a fully managed end-to-end BIaaS (Business Intelligence as a Service) built in Azure using the Microsoft BI Platform & Power BI. We tailor the solution to your organisation and its needs, helping you transform data into actionable intelligence.

We’ll ensure your BI journey is a complete success. By bringing your data together in one transparent view for more accurate analysis, we’ll help extract powerful insights to drive faster and better business decisions.

Discover how
BI transforms your data

We use advanced techniques for connecting disparate and siloed data sources and transforming and cleansing your data ready for analysis.

Using Power BU, we can create easy-to-use dashboards and bring your data to life with rich, interactive reports and compelling visualisations.

We also create you a data model and enable the ability to build & publish your own reports based on your data.

We offer flexible monthly packages that are fully customised to your needs and built on Azure’s best-in-class Business Intelligence platform.

We can grow with your requirements, and you are never locked into a proprietary BI Platform. Azure is customisable off the shelf platform, open and accessible

All your BI needs covered

We solve your data and reporting challenges as an ongoing process bringing everything together in one view, allowing you to make valuable gains from day one. We’ll take complete responsibility for your business intelligence needs, providing:
From initial setup and integration of your data, through to implementation and user training, we provide a complete end-to-end managed BI service. Bringing your data together for more accurate analysis in a single transparent view, we’ll help you and your team make better decisions based on powerful insights.

Why work with us?

360° view of your business

Get deeper insights from your data

Drive tangible business outcomes

Eliminate repetitive reporting

Empower your team

Track live performance