Case Study.

Advised on data strategy, defined the Data Architecture, built the Azure Infrastructure, Data Integration (ETL), Data Warehouse & developed the Power BI Data Model.

Belting Manufacturer


Markey Leading  Belting Manufacturer






What we did.

They were hesitating to update their data warehouse, and the company was being throttled. They wouldn’t be able to use powerful state of the art technology and frameworks that their competitors were already beginning to adopt.

The legacy system was already slowing them down. Every time they wanted to make a change to the data warehouse it was a headache. The changes took a long time and were costing more and more money.

The whole system felt dated and complicated. This wasn’t in alignment with the client’s values and brand. Whenever they wanted to see what was happening in some part of the company they had to wade through lines and lines of data and figure out what it meant.

On top of this, the old system was unreliable. They had thousands of reports with a lot of duplicates. And no one could vouch for the quality of the reports


High time to Modernise

The client wanted to look to the future. They wanted a modern data warehouse they could control. They wanted to implement cutting-edge data strategies that the old system made planning painful.

They wanted to be future-ready for new technology like AI, IoT and data science. The current platform couldn’t cope with it.

More than anything, The client wanted to get back to basics: access to one simple and reliable version of the truth to make sure that what they were reporting was correct. A system that could consolidate data globally, so their branches in every country could collate and contribute on the same platform.


Decision time

The world was moving on. And now, so was the client.

They decided that enough was enough. The time had come to sever their relationship with the outside data warehouse provider and build a new one in-house.

After consultation with Microsoft and ourselves, they decided that the best option was to build on Microsoft Azure, a cutting-edge platform designed to scale into the future. They would be able to plan to implement exciting long-term strategies.


What The Data Crew did

There was only one problem. The client needed experts to help them do this right. It was a project of phenomenal complexity and would take around 2 years to reach its full potential.

This is where we came in.

The Data Crew were consulted. We used our unparalleled knowledge and expertise to diagnose what The client required: a full in-house data warehouse. We produced the design architecture to scale into the future with a smooth and simple life cycle and be updated whenever needed.

Then we built the platform and cross-trained their in-house team. They became in-house experts in the new methods and structures of modern data warehouse design.


The client now

With our help, The client is now enjoying the extraordinary benefits of having their in-house data warehouse and team.

They have one single view of information for the entire company that everybody uses globally.

Instead of having to interpret lines upon lines of data, they now go into reports and see:

The client’s speed of data management has gone through the roof. Instead of waiting several minutes for a report to run, they can execute in seconds.

They are in complete control of their data destiny. Their team can deal with their changing needs without unnecessary delay or expense.

The reliability of their data has also gone way up. There is now a standardised process everyone uses to make reports, so there is no duplication and bad data.

Despite all these benefits, the client saves on costs every minute they run their new in-house solution. The infrastructure is far better and cheaper than the old legacy third-party solution.

It’s not over yet. The client is excited to look to the future of their data strategy. They now have the infrastructure to start using IoT, Data Science and AI.


What to do next

If you’d like to talk to The Data Crew about what data strategies you may be missing out on with your outdated systems, just click below and arrange a call. We’ll arrange a session with a dedicated expert to do an initial consultation to uncover your data needs.