Python Script to get Data for Power BI

For a recent meetup I wanted to query the website predithq. They have a dataset of events and I wanted to use this data in a meetup. Unfortunately Power BI isn’t compatible with the API this provider uses. They use a 308 Permanent redirect as the initial response, requiring an additional request. After a bit […]

Using an R Dataframe as a Power BI source

Power BI can use a wide variety of data sources. This is one of the things that makes it very powerful. In this post I show how you can use an R script as a data source. If you have folks in your team that can program R you can take advantage of the power […]

Making a Classification Prediction with Neural Networks

In this post I give an example of making a prediction with R stats for a type of business problem that requires a classification prediction. The business question being answered is to evaluate the safety standard of cars based on certain parameters and classify them to predict Car Acceptability. This data is obtained from UCI Machine […]

Cleaning Football Data with R Tidyverse

Cleaning data is a big part of Data Science. Being able to script data cleaning makes it repeatable and transparent. The best tools to do this with in my opinion are R/Python/Power Query/SQL. In this post I take some scrapped Football data and clean it up with Tidyverse packages in the R stats eco-system. I’ve […]

SSIS Dependency Diagram with DiagrammeR and Sprockit

We can use DiagrammeR & Sprockit to discover Server Integration Services (SSIS) Dependencies. SSIS is a mature data integration tool bundled with SQL Server. SSIS like many other tools can lead to ‘dependency hell’. This is where packages or stored procedures are developed that carry out many tasks. With many of these packages it can […]