Case Study.

Advised on data strategy, defined the Data Architecture, built the Azure Infrastructure, Data Integration (ETL), Data Warehouse & developed the Power BI Data Model.



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What we did.

EFT helps build, protect and maintain their client’s property, life safety and security assets.
They heard about The Data Crew through a mutual contact helping them with their Power BI reports.


The Goal and The Challenge

EFT use a finance system that captures their engineers’ time on jobs. They wanted to build around engineer performance which would let them see:

Their current solution had limited reporting and no dashboarding or anything to make it easy to “see” what’s happening.

EFT didn’t have an in-house data or IT team and outsourced these departments to a third party. They were leaning on a Power BI contractor to cover all these requirements.



We started off working with them in an advisory role. After a few meetings and complimentary consulting sessions, EFT decided they wanted to engage us to build a “Managed Data” solution. The long-term plan was to create an environment that could scale with their future data requirements, eventually moving into Machine Data and the Internet Of Things (IoT) data sources.

The Data Crew stepped in to help. We proposed building on the Microsoft Azure Platform.

The Data Crew’s Azure Data Engineers were to deploy a secure infrastructure and productionise the reports they’d already done in their proof of concept with their contractor. To do this, they’d need:

They’d need to manage this in a secure environment. We created secure links between on-premise servers and the Data Platform so it could send all the data to the Azure-based platform. The system would create the Power BI reports from the Azure SQL Database.


Complete Service Build & Support

ETFs are SME organisations without the need or resources for an in-house data team, and so they took advantage of our excellent value, “Fully Managed Data Platform Service”.

Because EFT Systems opted for the “Fully Managed Data Platform Service”, the infrastructure build, implementation of the secure Azure Data Platform and the ongoing management of the system are all included in the single monthly service cost.

With no upfront costs, this was a significant bouns to EFT Systems.

With all the infrastructure and security taken care of, EFT Systems can focus on creating compelling visualisations and reports for the wider business served by Power BI. The Data Crew deal with everything up to that point.

Instead of needing to hire a full-time Data Engineer, Data Architect and an Azure Architect, they get our knowledge, support and expertise at a fraction of the cost when they need it.


Outcomes & the Future

The outcome is a “Fully Managed Data Platform Service” with access to our fractional expertise at a profound saving than building an internal team. We are just a phone call away for any matter that needs our attention.

EFT Systems continue to experience massive ROI with our cost-effective monthly management and support contract. As a cloud service provider for Microsoft, we can bring significant value with our ongoing support and services.

The plan for the future is to get proactive monitoring up and running with IoT directly live-streamed from each customer site. They’ll be able to detect security and maintenance issues earlier and make effective decisions to save time and resources. EFT Systems now have a Data Platform that can scale with their business.